In Outlook Express there are two ways of checking more than one email account.  The first, being the simplest, requires you to setup another account under the main identity within Outlook.  This means that once you click send and receive both accounts will be checked and all the mail will come to the same Inbox.  The second option would be to setup a separate identity and an email account under each identity.  This would allow each email account to be put in a separate Inbox.  Therefore separating emails sent to different addresses.  Identities can also be password protected.

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Setup of email accounts in Outlook Express without using identities. 

Please be aware that some screen shots have been left out to speed up the download process.

First open Outlook, you can find this under the Start-Programs menu.  If this is your first time to run Outlook you may get a setup wizard.  The wizard will step you through the same steps that I will here.  If you would like, you can cancel this wizard and follow these directions instead.  After Outlook opens click on the TOOLS menu at the top, then ACCOUNTS.

Under ACCOUNTS click on the MAIL tab at the top.  This screen will show you the email accounts already setup in Outlook, if none are setup nothing will be listed.  To add your additional email accounts click on the ADD button at the right then MAIL.

After clicking ADD-MAIL you will begin by typing your real name (John Doe).  Next you will be asked your email address, this will be  Next you will be asked information about the servers, enter the information exactly as shown here.  Please note the use of lower case letters!

The screen that follows the server setup will ask you for your login information.  Input your username (this time without the and your password.  Again these are case sensitive so upper case letters will not work.  Do not click the logon using secure password at the bottom.

When you have finished entering this information click NEXT then FINISH on the following screen.  Your ACCOUNTS screen should look like this one if you were adding a second account.  The account with "default" wrote beside it will be you main account meaning that all your mail will be sent using it, unless you specific otherwise.  You are now ready to close this page, click CLOSE at the bottom.




Setup of additional email accounts in Outlook Express using identities.

Please be aware that some screen shots have been left out to speed up the download process.

Outlook Express can be configured for multiple users using different email addresses and separate inboxes.  This type of configuration also allows each user to password protect his or her email.  To begin open Outlook Express and click on the FILE then IDENTITIES then MANAGE IDENTITIES.  You should get a screen that looks like the one below.

To setup another identity click NEW.  A screen will appear asking for your name, or a name for the identity.  Once you have typed this in you can also password protect your identity if you wish.  After entering this information click OK at the bottom, you will be asked to switch to that identity click yes.

Outlook should shutdown and reopen with the new identity, if it does not reopen by itself you may have to open it manually.   After entering the new identity the account setup wizard will pop up.  Refer to the top section of the page for instructions on setting up an account.  When you have completed the account setup and are ready to exit you can log off your identity or just exit.  The difference being that if you log off then the next time Outlook is run it will open the default or main identity.  Outlook can also be set to ask you which identity to use every time it is launched.  This setting is found under the FILE-IDENTITY-MANAGE menu.


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